Craft of Jewellery

    Polki Jewellery

    Polki (Mughals) is made of unfinished natural and original diamonds, highly expensive and held in high esteem because of its natural form and sheen. It doesn't have a very clear colour giving it a very rustic look.

    Kundan Jewellery

    Emeralds, rubies and sapphires are carefully set into a base that is made of gold strips to make what is called Kundan. The content of gold is rather less as the core of the ornament is made out of lac, a natural resin. Highly refined gold or kundan is used to cover the lac and gems are then pushed into the kundan. Rajasthan serves as an epicenter for kundangari. 

    Jadau Jewellery

    Jadau is a technique that uses polki, meenakari and kundan to craft a certain kind of jewellery.In this kind of jewellery, enamelling work is done at the back side of the ornaments. It is widely seen in Rajasthan and Gujarat. It was brought in by the Mughals and involves lots of intricacies.

    Pacchi Jewellery

    Pacchi is the process of creating jewellery using glass stones, colored pacchi leaves and pearls.It is more fragile than Kundan but is similar since it uses uncut diamonds and semi precious stones as well. The Pacchi art mainly comes from Jaipur. The placement of each leaf on top of the other gives the jewellery a beautiful three dimensional appearance.