Rangini - The Brand

    Rangini – The Brand

    Colours are synonymous with celebration of the multiple festivals of Indian tradition. We significantly count on these festivities as important occasions to make our life more meaningful. The craft of jewelry is a celebration that exemplifies these special occasions in our life. Irrespective of the nature of celebration, whether it is a birthday marriage, anniversary, success at work or any other accomplishments, the best way of celebration is a piece of jewellery that will last generations. Ornaments are always a women's favourite and continues to be the compassionate companion of every Indian women. 

    Rangini is a confluence of Rang (colours) and Nagina (gems) and denotes vibrancy optimism and cheerfulness. It’s a mélange of vibrant creations and studded with colourful gemstones in gold, radiating the glittering joy and a spirit of celebration.

    Rangini, the brand is the embodiment of the aspirations of every growing girl and creatively engages at every stage as she grows into the beauty of womanhood. The brand offers vivid varieties with style and intricate designs with simplicity and sophistication. This rainbow brand has an entire range of jewellery products from light to heavy weight, from short to long pieces, from simple to intricate patterns, from subtle to bright colors. The ornaments are crafted for various occasions in our glorious path of life.

    The brand has something to offer to women of all age groups. It invokes a sense of gratification as it navigates a legion of women with its gyroscope of glitzy and glamour. The essence of this brand is to conjure the emotional concept to make the moment truly memorable and increasingly special by casting in intricate ways the special piece with complete compassion.

    The brand is born to bring a defining change the way trends are set constantly challenging the contours of current trendsetters. The designs patterns range from the chic to the classic to contemporary. There is a fascinating fusion of past and future into the present. The brand boldly stands for the expression of freedom and celebration.

    The brand offers a wide range of amazing designs for the women so that jewellery can be chosen in accordance with the occasion. The designs are striking and flawless. It is an epitome of design and adds to the exquisiteness of the wearer. It is an amalgamation of modern and ethnic designs. It is the fascination of every wearer due to its splendid designs. It presents aesthetic and exquisite designs that make the wearer a cynosure of every gathering.

    The brand is designed for celebrating the true essence of womanhood. It offers the gamut of ornaments that graces women on several different occasions; be it festival, carnival, wedding, ceremony, party or no party.  It offers oodles of jewels like rings to earrings, pendants, nose pins, bracelets and necklaces.

    We as a brand derive utmost pleasure when we see that little glitter in the twinkling eyes of the wearer or the admirer when they experience the joy of this beautiful craft of customized art.